Sunday, March 14, 2010

The End of The "Cuti"


CUTI = Im gonna miss YOU!

Thats the first thing uttered... 

Thanks God it's only short sem (roughly around 7weeks excluding exam week)

It's good for me to take the Short Sem, most of the lecturers said "This is the time for you to score triumphantly!"

and the cuti also is not very good for me as I'll keep on wasting my time with the 'lagho' thinge such as facebooking n watsoever. 

OK stop bout it


Final Examination Result? 

Oh Alhamdulillah, I managed to perform well (ain't snobbing), and I hope I can meliorate it incessantly.

Chaiyok Arimi You Can Do It!

At first, when I saw the result, I cant conceive it at all! 

Im really2 grateful for it! even tho I didnt score as much as the others, but still, ALHAMDULILLAH!

and I'm eligible to sit for the Special EPT, in which if I passed it, I will be exempted from English...

so just pray for me so that I'll be able to pass it. Amin.

but I wonder, because I think my English is not good enough to be exempted instead.

Oh well, I need your prayers! Amin Amin...


SPM 2009 Result

Last Thursday, I sneaked out to the school, watching all my juniors taking their SPM results...

Bunch of Congrats to them who scored well, 

and for them who didnt score, dont be sad... there are many ways for you to go... 

Its just like Permutations, we have x! ways to go... dont you feel so down, SPM is nothing, just a TIX for obtaining scholarship and public university. Once you enrolled in, you may wipe it off from your mind!


~There's nothing left to say, Hush Hush Hush Hush~

Salam :D


Selamat Menyambut Semester Baru :)

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7 spam(s)

  1. salam
    well,,arimi,,ur english is good,,u shud be exempted student,,and good luck for special EPT..

  2. wslm, oh i dun think it so...

    my English needs to be improved

    even tho if i passed the special ept, im gonna apply for level 6 class (but exempted from exam), just attend the class only...

    pray for ok! :D

  3. Congrats arimi!!!
    InsyaAllah do ur best for special EPT...=)

  4. tahniah2..ko dpt pointer brp? sah tinggi neh.. ngee.. XD

  5. thanks bai... pointer? ok la cukup2 makan..ngee :D

  6. hffa nice short short semester kimi;D


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