Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm disabling my Facebook account for temporarily...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Well, I have to disable it for a few days. Just want to maximise my attention on Mathematics 3 (Calculus) for the final which is just around the corner. Then, InsyaAllah, I'll open it back.

        "It's just merely a Facebook" kata Sahel...

I can't go with Facebook and YouTube (for studying purpose) in the same time. Facebook distracts me when I do my revision with YouTube as it has numerous great virtual teachers who have made bunch of videos related to science and mathematics. You guys should go for online studying instead of watching weird clips and songs. It's very HELPFUL for me, but for some people they can't. It depends.

While doing revision, my hand is so flirtatious to move the cursor and click the "Facebook Tab" that I saved before and pause the video streaming that I watched currently. If there's new notifications, then I'll go and check it out. Inadvertently, it wasted my time and I was distracted easily. Facebook addiction has been revolving on me, myself and others too. It's a dangerous for us if we keep on being in this situation, our enemies have planned something with Facebook unknowingly.

Besides, I'm a "virus" lover. I mean, computer viruses, not the biological viruses, you get it? I love spending most of my free time visiting anti-virus websites, malicious websites and doing research about something. I'm not bragging/snobbing/conceiting for writing this, but just sharing one of my interests. Perhaps you might be having the same too? Even though I'm not a good programmer, or even I haven't yet learnt programming, but I love the way a virus is programmed. Well written virus can inject our computer systems and perform malicious activities incessantly. I'm not going to talk about preventing viruses here, but just sharing a good information or perhaps, it's a security measure to protect yourself while socialising virtually.

It is named "Koobface", an anagram of "Facebook", a worm that spreads and targets via Facebook and other social networking sites such as MySpace, Tagged and so on. It has malicious payloads by preventing access to security sites such as anti-virus websites, stealing confidential data, and putting your privacy in risks. To sum up, there's a necessity of using an up-to-date anti-virus to protect from this aggravating threat. p/s: here's not a virus description site, kindly "google" it yourself for more information.

                                                                       I Trust You 100%! :)

The exam is just around the corner, and I'm still babbling for no reason, huh. I hope you guys can pray for me. I need your prayers.. InsyaAllah, we'll be doing the best four our finals!

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
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3 spam(s)

  1. salam, semoge bjaye muet.*oke2,,semoge berjaye final,pray for me too..amiinn~

  2. whoaa u get me totally interested in yr thing of viruses :D
    bt i dont really get the hang of it.
    nway, goodieluck with yr MATHS3!!! (;

  3. sahel - InsyaAllah tp ak xamik muet sem ni, bulan 10... gudluck exam!

    anish - hehe,analysing viruses is fun! thanks ehh :)


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