Sunday, April 4, 2010



Sigh! I feel it's wrong for writing this but I have to. Sorry!

The story began when he did text my girl-friend (please don't misinterpret it! I'm begging u like hell)

and he confessed that he fell in love with her, and my girl-friend has been taken by somebody else (seriously I feel so shamed to write this but it's a feeble attempt for stopping me from writing this, sigh again~!).

and she felt so guilty but frankly, she explained about the situation without jeopardizing it badly.

Woefully, he did refuse it, he CAN'T accept the fact that it's an unrequited love. Poor on him at first. T.T

Consequently, he does keep apart from us (anybody who is being friend with her), being quiet till now. How sad :(

I love him as my BFF since we were in school, everything we did it together. Really, it vivid till now.


It crashed within a short period of time! Just for a kinda UNRECIPROCATED LOVE.

oh well, he's a nice guy, really! Handsome, loaded and tip top! (without hesitate!) He deserves someone better than her, but chilling a guy doesn't make sense for him to get rid of it. I was petrified when she told me from A to Z about this crap. What a bad romance, gagagaga... WHAT A CRAP! 

I'm hoping him to read this. REALLY!  As he read this, I want you to repent, instead of putting a blame on her, therefore, it does affect us inadvertently. I miss the old moment being with you guys, happily ever after... hmm~

Dear Z (alias), 

Please, stop from blaming her for what is happening now. I bet you could be able to get a better person that you sought for. Please don't do this incessantly. We have such a feeling of being hated by you. I hate this. If you were around, I wish I could give you some "brainwash" services, but unfortunately you are not around. Nobody likes to be in this position, plus, you are adding more burdens on her, keep on blaming her unceasingly, and isolating us for no reason. What the heck?

p/s : I'm utter-mostly asking for sorry for writing this crap, but I have to! Because I love our friendly relationship before. I'm hoping that you'll open your eyes, see what you have done to her, and me! I never blame you for what had happened now, but I just want you to come back, that's it. How easy our friendship bonding was ended this way. I need to see you, and I hope you'll be reading this soon. 

Salam :(
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2 spam(s)

  1. can u introduce tht guy to me? ;D

  2. hehehe tak bole laa... haha
    pantang je nmpk perkataan "hensem" tu + loaded


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