Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a test from Him...

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite a long time.
I was super busy starting by this semester, I have started joining many societies and clubs at UIA.
Meeting everytime, bunch of events to be planned, and so many things waiting for me on.

Ok, let's go straight to the point.

Actually, I was called for writing this post, is just because my beloved one, my dad.
He was involved in an accident last Monday, and sadly I was informed on Friday's morning. He didn't want me to get distracted by it, but it ruined everything. I'll sit for mid term examination by next week and I was just told about it. Then, it causes me to be more deplorable. I can't focus on my study, keep on thinking about him. Has he eaten or not, how does he pray, what is he doing currently, does he feel the pain.. Everything goes into my mind intricately.

Last Monday, as usual, discharging his responsibilities as the head of family, went out to go for work enthusiastically. Rode his decrepit motorcycle, to the workplace, at UM, just nearly to my college. At the halfway of riding, suddenly, a woman hit his motor, causing them to thud away from their motors. The woman who rode her motor against the traffic flow, just because of wrongly entering others lane. They are having serious injury, their left hands fractured, and needs to be operated. It costs approximately RM 2500 just only for the metal to be placed on their hands. Alhamdulillah, my father received financial aid to support for the whole thing, including operation, accommodation, and everything (if I'm not mistaken) from his workplace. So then, he saves a lot. Alhamdulillah.

When I saw him at my first visit, I felt miserable. He looked so different. He turned from an active person to a passive one, loss of appetite. I can see his face, tried to hide the pain by giving his pallid smile. My eyes well up suddenly, saw him pulling out all the remainder of energy that he had. He advised me to focus on my study, don't get deflected because of what had happened. It resurrects my spirit back, to perform, and revenge back for everything in my study. It acts similar to catalyst, for not giving up in any obstacles that I face. I promise you to start working hard! Insha Allah!

ياايها الذين امنوا اصبروا وصابروا ورابطوا واتقوا الله لعلكم تفلحون

"O you who believe, be patient and endure and be steadfast and fear Allah that ye may prosper "

Salam. Pray for him...
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3 spam(s)

  1. InsyAllah ayh ko ok...doa2la utk dia

  2. i really like your blog layout.

    im so sorry to hear about your father. hopw he's well.


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