Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Broadband vs "Beruk"Band vs "Broke"Band

Talking about broadband, oh no, seriously it makes me pissed off. WAAAARGHHHHHH.

I'm tired enough trying well-nigh all the broadband services, most of them were giving me that so called _____. Sorry, I'm enough with all of these. Nearly all the broadband services in Malaysia (no need to mention them) are craps and provide extremely slow connection. Especially after we hit the user threshold, they turn to be like super - slow. I can even run faster than my Internet connection.

You don't believe it? Let me show you an example:

First month of usage. I was so happy seeing this! 

Yeah, second month onwards! *damn aggravating*

What is this? I really don't get what all of these. Why should be like this? Yeah I know that broadband in Malaysia is still new, but why can't they spend some budgets for developing it rather than spending on unnecessary thing such as building the next skyscraper. So unworthy! We need better services! We don't need great advertisements which give false hope to us. "The fastest Internet connection, blablabla". NO! 

One more thing, the price itself. OMG, it's enough to kill me. How come it could be so expensive? The price doesn't fit with the package that we are using. Other countries, they can even provide better Internet services with affordable price and speeds. Shame! Totally shame! Lame!

(TMNET1515 is even faster I guess)

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5 spam(s)

  1. Salam....
    Itulah kelemahan sistem dlm negara kita..Siapa yg perlu dipersalahkan???(jwpn nie mesti ada dlm kepala kita)

    Btw...aku nak sngt ke Jepun (cthnya..)
    teringin sngt nak test kelajuan n kecanggihan sistem security mahupun internet diorang...
    apa pendapat kau ttg perbezaan itu???

  2. Salam. Itu la, negara kita memerlukan satu transformasi dan peningkatan di dalam bidang teknologi informasi dan komunikasi ICT. Daripada mereka dok menggunakan wang rakyat untuk membina bangunan pencakar langit. Buat tambah petanda kiamat je.

    Yes, Jepun, Amerika Syarikat, semua tuh negara maju. Negara kita masih dalam pembangunan, dalam proses untuk maju sepenuhnya. Servis Internet kat sana lagi advance dan lagi hebat berbanding di negara kita dan boleh diperoleh dengan kadar harga yang lebih rendah. If kau ada peluang, cuba la try pergi sana. :)

  3. InsyaAllah...kalau ada rzki mmg nak pi...=)

  4. gua pi india dulu.internet dia lagi baik streamyx 512kbps...seriously...

  5. http://www.speedtest.net/global.php#0

    look at malaysia ranking at internet speed....


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