Saturday, November 6, 2010

Programming : The Way of Making Me Miserable...


Jeng jeng jeng... Introducing : a newly - published book for foundation studies UIA! Will be used by all the Engineering, ICT, and Physical Science students who are taking Computer 2 or Intro. to Programming. In my opinion, I love this book so much as it really helps me getting out of the misery in learning programming although it is still new and has many errors. (first printing lar).

Ok, brief intro about the book. Now, let's proceed with the story.

This semester (Semester 2, 2010-2011) or Semester 5 for second year students, I'm taking only two subjects: Introduction to Database, Introduction to Programming. Despite two subjects only, but they are really burdening me. Especially for programming.

I can't believe with I myself, in which I'm a bit slow with programming. It is not as easy as what I did expect antecedently.  I did understand what was the lecturer teaching in the class but mistakes are inevitable. I always made mistakes during writing the codes that need to be compiled. When compiling, the compiler (Dev C++) displayed an error message on many lines. When the errors were incorrigible, I closed up the compiler and back to Facebook, posting all the disgruntled messages and distressed.  I nearly drop out with it. Alhamdulillah, after got some tips for programming, then I manage to proceed and strive hardly. Thus, I ought to have been working out for this! I need your prayers. InshaAllah, He will always by my side. :)
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6 spam(s)

  1. programming oweys JAHAT. haha. membuatkan akak terpikir nak tukar course. huhu. btw, buku bru?

  2. teruskan perjuangan hingga ke titisan darah terakhir..all the best! ^_^'

    latest : nama pun perempuan

  3. x aci la,kitorang penat blaja buku tebal,penat je.....not fair,spam!!!!

  4. takpe, aku ada planning nak lawat uia dlm 2 minggu lagi utk ajar programming ngan azuan, nanti aku roger ko

  5. kalau ada masalah
    contact Anuar. hahaha


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