Tuesday, December 28, 2010

History of "KimiWarrior"

Many friends keep asking me "Your name is Arimi, but how come people call you Kimi, and where did the KimiWarrior come?"

I was thinking, maybe I should tell people how Kimi and KimiWarrior got their names.

Actually, two of my close friends started calling me Kimi when I was in Form 4, no need to mention who are they. If you guys read this, yeah, thank you for giving me this such sweet meaningful name. I really cherish it. Still friends, you can call me Arimi, because that is my actual name. It is up to you.


And where did the 'Warrior' come from?
The 'Warrior' came along after the 'Kimi' was publicized, and it was taken from a famous mobile virus, named CommWarrior.

 My first analysis on viruses after this worm infected my cellphone Nokia 6260

This worm, named "CommWarrior" was infecting my cellphone Nokia 6260, which was newly purchased from a store. I thought it was a nice operator logo, but it behaved maliciously when it opened my bluetooth connectivity ceaselessly, sent MMS to all the contacts in my phone book list, and drained off my battery. So then, I decided to bring it back to the store where I purchased the phone. To summarize the story, I started learning and falling in love with technology things, including computers and handphones. I started learning on how to remove viruses on a handphone, then moved to a computer. My interest on becoming a doctor or paramedic field had slowly faded. After learning fixing and troubleshooting computer and hanphone, I felt like practicing them on my teachers' and friends' laptops. From day to day, I received many requests to help them fixing and removing all the viruses that were infecting their laptops with no payment at all. It was due to self training that I needed to improve my skills and experience that I faced while fixing problematic laptops. Alhamdulillah, I managed to fix them all successfully, and fell in love with Kaspersky Lab products. 

With all the experiences that I gained through repairing computers, then I started combining the 'Warrior' with 'Kimi' and used it on my MySpace profile. Credits to CommWarrior's author, for giving me inspirations and infecting my phone with the worm. I learned so many things, and now too, I'm still learning. InsyaAllah, I think I'm on the right track with the course that I'm in now, ICT. In order to revamp, I need to learn many things, programming, database, security, and etc. I have planned to major in Computer Science specializing in security. My job could be a virus analyst or technology/security consultant, because I'd love doing them too. There's no more dentistry, doctor, or anything that is related to health and medical sciences. They are all gone. Like what people say "We can plan a thing, but Allah will assign it whether it is a success or vice versa".
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  1. keep moving..InsyaAlla,Allah will show u d right path..yeah ICTzen!!!


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