Sunday, January 16, 2011

Depression, stressed... In need of His guidance.

I have been going through hard weeks lately, with bunch of works to do, assignments, tasks, and everything that comes into my list of to-do tasks. This week, I have to get through the toughest week in CFS in which I haven't yet gone through before.

Sports and Martial Arts Carnival (SMAC 2011)

This event is currently on the go, and I'm assigned into a bureau, Special Task. Sorry to say, but the bureau that I have entered could be said as the lowest ranked bureau. Why? This is due to lack of attention from other bureaus and committees. We always get the updates about particular events, meetings and so on at the last minute. Besides, I was thinking that we are not really needed by them, because our existence is just merely the same.

Actually, our jobscopes are among the hardest one, in which we have to get all the latest updates about particular events, results, and pictures. Then, we need to publish a bulletin that needs to be released every day with different updates, and surely, its processes are too complicated because we need to rearrange all the photos, with some captions explaining about the events that had been gone through, but still we are not really needed. Most people, they look on us, our duties are simple, just too easy to be accomplished. Sometime, if I can let them be like what I'm doing currently, I want them to feel how do I feel in getting through all the hard moments getting updates, photocopying the bulletins and disseminating them. Then, you will know how stressful our jobs are.

Talking craps and complaining are easy, but firstly, you should know about my jobscopes before putting all the blames which I'm not supposed to be the blamed one. Indeed, your jobscope is damn too easy in my opinion, then how come you could talk to me like that. You make me like your doormat. You need me when you are in trouble, and leaving me alone doing my job when you are free from any problems. Come on man, is this you called as "friend"? NO! A true friend wont simply leave his friend while having problems, and come only when you sought for his help. Definitely no.

I wont blame him for total because I'm just merely a human being, always make mistakes perpetually. Then, your support is really needed. I'm not a robot, even a robot will break down if you put too much works on it.I dont want to burst, busting out everything inside. I dont want people to see when I turned to be like another man. Luckily I have very supportive teammates in SMAC in my bureau.

I'm tired with everything, I'm hoping the time will pass me by very2 quickly as I want to end up this semester very soon. Yet, I have some burdens that require to be accomplished, hisbah, smac, and project works. To those who are involved in these, I'm looking forward on your compromise. Like in a song, "Can you meet me halfway?". It means, can you compromise? I need it, if you dont, then I'll drown. That's all.
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  1. Luckily I have very supportive teammates in SMAC in my bureau.


    anyway, be strong! kalau kita rasa kita busy, mgkn org atas tu lagi busy.. sabar, tabah, kuat, ikhlas! :)
    inshaAllah dipermudahkan.. wee choose to strees, no one.remember that!

    SMAC'11 | being a mamarazzi


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