Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SMAC 2011 and its Aftermath

Finally, the busiest week has come to its end. Sweeping away all the tiring works, stressful days thinking about the works, updating everything, and they all have disappeared. Alhamdulillah. I was going to die early if SMAC continues for two weeks, because I cannot live in a stressed out day.

Although I was exhausted throughout the week, actually I learned so many things during the week. I learned on how to work in a team, not being selfish and so on. Despite the razzing that made me went insane nearly everyday, it trains me to develop the most required element in human being, PATIENCE. I was tested every single minutes with the bunch of works that clashed with many things. That's why I was always hoping to skip that week from my life. That week also well-nigh jeopardized friendship with other friends. Friends almost turned to be foes, and everyone was on his/her way of doing the jobs, half-baked.

Enough talking about that week, because it's over. I'm relieved.

Result. Oh yeah, INTECHSS was among the top scorer for the whole match. That wasn't been a matter, we won clean, rather than having so many culprits who .......

Let's get back to our normal life, going online as usual till late night, no need to be bothered about SMAC. lame =..=

Special thanks to all the committee members who had contributed during SMAC, especially to my beloved bureau, SPECIAL TASK. ~Acap, Efa, Tiqa, Amirah, Mia, Amalina (Lily), Huda~  I'm uttermostly sorry for anything that made you feel disappointed with me during the running of the event. :)
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