Friday, February 11, 2011

Losing his confidence in ICT

Sorry for not updating my blog. I know I can feel its dusty, but just let it be. 

I'm quite busy lately with presentations for final projects. Alhamdulillah, for programming project, we managed to perform quite good even though with some slackness.

The title doesn't mean that I have lost my interest in ICT, but it is just an unwanted feeling. I've been feeling this since I don't know when the time it is. 

Seven months of holidays is nearing, and I was doing some surveys just now. What did I find throughout the whole surveys? Yes, of course I searched for some jobs with the key "IT". I met bunch of job vacancies that are offering IT students or anybody whom is having some experience in troubleshooting computers, to work with companies under troubleshooting department. I felt like applying, but the major problem is only one. HAVING NO CONFIDENCE AT ALL.

Indeed, I have had quite enough experience in troubleshooting computers. I'm not bragging or being conceited, but Alhamdulillah, I have gone through with many problematic laptops that were sent to me to be fixed. Some of them were infected by viruses, needed to be formatted, etc. For every laptops, they had different kind of problems, and of course, different brands have different way of handling them. Perhaps, I'd prefer moving with my own way and style of working, with my sidekick, Afiq. He helped me a lot, and so did I. We had been working together since the early of this semester, promoting anti-virus software, and troubleshooting services. We came up with a poster and mounted it on notice boards. Alhamdulillah, many people came, and from that, we made money and topped up our basic allowance. 
I don't know why, but seriously I have lost my confidence in troubleshooting when it comes to working with other people under a company. Why huh? I don't even like this, but it seems inevitable. What should I do now? Shall I go working with a company or stay at home, waiting for problematic laptops to come. Surely it won't be that profitable. Give your opinion please. :(

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3 spam(s)

  1. go kimi go! =)

    aku tetibe rasa berat ati nak blah dari ict, sbb dengar kata ben ada drama.. *sigh*

  2. haha mmg ada drama if ko rasa boleh carry, go on! :D

  3. itu biasa je
    tapi awak ada ilmu yang orang lain xda,so they come for you.
    But to maintain it,you also should keep update about latest win/ubuntu problem troubleshoot like anti-virus...

    Jangan risau,ini semua makhluk,Allah bagi faham


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