Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Social Networking Security: Fake Links and Unwanted Adverts

Fake links are now widely spreading on Facebook. They are not behaving like viruses or Trojan horses, nor stealing any confidential data. They are designed to 'uniquely' advertise their products or sometimes their games which are high-premium rated. In other case, they will redirect user to an application, in which if it is enabled by the user, it will spam some of other friends' profile by linking to the application without user's consent. Read more...

What are their tricks?

Easy! Other of your friends may accidentally like on some links which contains some sort of 'hot' news or event. Let me show some examples :

A very good pious friend 'liked' a nonsense link accidentally. How did she 'like' it?

When I opened the link, it redirected me to here.

Don't you feel like clicking the 'Play' button to see what happens? You will LIKE the link if you pressed the 'Play' button!

 Don't you want to 'see' it? DON'T CLICK!

YouTube or TouTube? Get it right friends :)

Another case.

 Unwanted apps which are designed for the purpose of spamming. These apps are not reliable and bogus.

Just go to your profile, and click 'X' on the apps. Choose "Remove and Revoke Application from Publishing". Then, they are all solved! 

p/s: Beware of those fake links. Your friends will be misunderstood once they saw you liked those 'erotic' links.
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8 spam(s)

  1. woooow,so far I havent faced this.But thanks bro

  2. huhu welcome bro. Hope this helps, despite it is too simple and perhaps suitable for those who are not computer savvy :D

  3. salam arimi nie la yg aku nk tnya kat apps then clik 'X'...hmmm aku xjumpa lagi pon...
    kiranya kalau klik bnda nie segala nonsense ads xakan publish kat fb kita ke???

  4. salam. yeap... dia akan revoke semua access apps tu. Apps tu xda function lain kecuali spam orang lain, or perhaps apps tu spy password login FB. Tapi belum diuji lagi..

  5. aku tak jumpa pon arimi apps tu untuk nak clik "X"..?

  6. under column Apps you use > Edit Settings. Boleh revoke apps kat situ, boleh la 'X'

  7. ok...tq arimi..I got it..huhuhu
    xperasan ...

  8. this is very informative and helpful. :D thank you, arimi. :)


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