Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to Deactivating Facebook


I have no other choice apart from staying away from Facebook due to an unwanted incident that happened yesterday. I wish I could deactivate my account for temporarily but it is halted because I have been holding some groups as an administrator for several time. Thus, this prevents me from deactivating my account. The only way I can do is by not going online on Facebook. I really don't want to make it, because I just recently created a group that reconnects back all of my old friends during primary school. The group has many members now, and I should be the responsible one to add those missing friends.

It seems like another story of digging your own trench. I'm not holding grudge against you, no I don't. Actually I've had enough being in this kind of situation, which deals with people. Yes, it could be said that as 'immature' or etc. Sometimes people need to understand about others' feeling. Pointing people's mistakes indirectly on social networking sites is not the best way, but it could probably be used.

I have my own sense of humor level. This decreases (probably) gradually every time when this kind of incident happens. I'm afraid if it drops off to zero. Wahh, I'll be a completely changed man with emotionally sensitive to any sensitive pokes. No, I don't want that, but it seems inevitable.

Problems can be settled down without any harsh / indirect words which are actually giving more pains on me. I'm not even a perfect person, so you are. Yes I know I was wrong. I should have expected more on you. I have no idea whether you guys have ever declared. I used to make the same jokes, flirts with other people. That's the way I mix with them, because they don't take the flirts/jokes so seriously. Nah, you take it so hardly, aftermath of it, both of us, have deactivated Facebook for momentarily. Am I jeopardizing the situation? I guess not.

I should be more careful after this. Better yet, I'm gonna stay away from Facebook, from that group especially. This does not mean loathing, but as a silent remedy. Perhaps you'll feel better when I'm not around. I'm uttermostly sorry for what had happened yesterday. I don't mean it. I regret it.

Gotta focus more on this upcoming September, another new dimensions of life. I need to revise back all the books. This could be another reason for deactivating.

Availability : Skype(night only),Twitter(active)

(this post may sound like a faggot story, I don't care. I love the friendship, that's why I'm writing this.)
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5 spam(s)

  1. kmon la,perkara kecil ajer,itu pun nak deactivate fb..Aku relak buka 5 min,then x buka..till next day..unless urgent la

  2. #Mohamed Firdaus Shajahan

    Takpela wei, aku pun boleh fokus kt benda lain :D

  3. #Nur Areefah

    =...= apa yg kau faham =.=


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